Monday, May 25, 2009

Jovial Bob's Computer Joke Book

Customer Review: Not what I expected

Jovial Bob seemed to have the right idea when put together his computer joke book, but I think something got lost somewhere along the way. I am a big fan of any kind of joke book, and there are some bright spots in Bob's collection, but I found that the material here made me smile more than laugh. Also, I felt that the material could have been arranged better--more cohesively. All in all, a pleasant distraction, but not bust a gut funny.
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Understanding dBASE III Plus (Sybex Computer Books)

This indispensable guide covers both the foundations and the more advanced topics such as command file development, debugging tools, and maximization of efficiency and performance. Also includes information on interfacing with other software.

Customer Review: When using dBASE III PLUS, this book's a real help!

Written in a clear and very understandable way, this book received accolades from PC Magazine and is considered the reference book of choice. Starts with the first concepts & leads to more complex tips, tricks,& programming for better database management tools for mailing lists, A/R, inventory management, etc. dBASE commands and concepts are illustrated throughout with practical, business-oriented examples. I found it great to use even for CD or album collections, etc. - put dBASE to work for you - this book will easily help you do it on your own.
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The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses

Customer Review: Aging book on viruses is still great for learning system programming

This book was written over ten years ago, so obviously you are not going to read it and be on the cutting edge of virus writing and protection at this point. However, this book is still an excellent one for those who want to learn the ins and outs of Windows systems programming including how your computer can be controlled/manipulated using some assembly language and the operating system as it already exists. Basically, the author is using the subject of viruses to educate you on the fine points of assembly language programming for the PC without you knowing it was ever happening. I highly recommend it. However, as other reviewers have already said, the book is now free online, so don't pay some ridiculously high price believing its contents are a rare find.

This book is written to be accessible to anyone with a little experience with assembly language programming, or to anyone with any programming experience, provided they're willing to do a little work to learn assembler. Actually, this book acts as a pretty good tutorial on assembly language programming itself. The book is broken down into three parts. The first section discusses viral reproduction techniques, ranging from the simplest overwriting virus to complex multi-partite viruses and viruses for advanced operating systems. The second section discusses anti anti-virus techniques commonly used in viruses, including simple techniques to hide file changes, ways to hide virus code from prying eyes, and polymorphism. The third section discusses payloads, both destructive and beneficial. The following is the table of contents.


Computer Virus Basics


The Simplest COM Infector

Companion Viruses

Parasitic COM Infectors: Part I

Parasitic COM Infectors: Part II

A Memory Resident Virus

Infecting EXE Files

Advanced Memory Residence Techniques

An Introduction to Boot Sector Viruses

The Most Successful Boot Sector Virus

Advanced Boot Sector Techniques

Multi-Partite Viruses

Infecting Device Drivers

Windows Viruses

An OS/2 Virus

Unix Viruses

Source Code Viruses

Many New Techniques

Part II: Anti-Anti Virus Techniques

How A Virus Detector Works


Stealth for Boot Sector Viruses

Stealth Techniques for File Infectors

Protected Mode Stealth

Polymorphic Viruses

Retaliating Viruses

Advanced Anti-Virus Techniques

Genetic Viruses

Who Will Win?

Part III. Payloads for Viruses

Destructive Code

A Viral Unix Security Breach

Operating System Holes and Covert Channels

A Good Virus

Appendix A: ISR Reference

Appendix B: Resources

Customer Review: Older edition is free on the Internet

This book is a classic exposition on the programming of computer viruses. I concur with the other reviewers in that this is the best book ever on the subject (it is likely the only book on the subject from my searches). The first edition of this book is free to download from the publisher's website (search for American Eagle Publications in Google because won't let me put the URL) (it requires you to register but that is free too) along with the Little Black Book of Computer Viruses and lots of other information. THIS BOOK CAN STILL BE PURCHASED NEW FROM THE PUBLISHER'S WEBSITE for forty dollars, so don't order an overpriced used copy from (at the time of this writing, some jerk was trying to sell it for over one hundred dollars used! What a rip-off!).
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New Brutality Film: Race and Affect in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema (Intellect Books - Computers and the History of Art)

The 1990s saw the emergence of a new kind of American cinema, which this book calls the “new-brutality film.” Violence and race have been at the heart of Hollywood cinema since its birth, but the new-brutality film was the first kind of popular American cinema to begin making this relationship explicit. The rise of this cinema coincided with the rebirth of a long-neglected strand of film theory, which seeks to unravel the complex relations of affect between the screen and the viewer.
This book analyses and connects both of these developments, arguing that films like Falling Down, Reservoir Dogs, Se7en, and Strange Days sought to reanimate the affective impact of white Hollywood cinema by miming the power of African-American and particularly hip-hop culture. The book uses several films as case-studies to chart these developments:

Falling Down both appropriates of the political black rage of the ‘hood film and is a transition point between the white postmodern blockbuster and the new-brutality film.
• Gangsta films like Boyz N the Hood and Menace II Society provided the inspiration for much of the new-brutality film’s mimesis of African-American culture
• The films of Quentin Tarantino (including Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction) are new-brutality films that attempt to reanimate the affective power of Hollywood cinema.
Se7en, Strange Days, Fight Club,and The Matrix trilogy signify both the development and the demise of the new-brutality film.

This book charts and analyses an important period of Hollywood cinema as well as engaging with key contemporary thinkers (Deleuze, Jameson, Zizek and Benjamin) in a strikingly innovative fashion. The work will appeal to dedicated film scholars, critical theorists and readers with a general interest in film.

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Computer Test Bank With Exam View Book And Cd-rom - Teacher's Edition: Biology - Exploring Life

Computer Test Bank with ExamView CD-ROM assesses student understanding of each content objective in the student text. It also provides access to more than 2,500 objective, short answer and essay questions, as well as to Chapter Tests. Chapter Tests can also be customized by modifying, reordering, or selecting alternate test questions.
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Microsloth joke book (Berkeley Humor/Computers)

Who in computing doesn't like to pick on Microsoft now and then? (Other than Bill himself, that is.) Here's a book full of some of the funniest jabs ever thrown at the software giant. There are the classic forms, such as the light bulb jokes ("Q: How many Microsoft testers does it take to change a light bulb? A: We just notice that the room is dark. We don't fix the problems.") and standard stories. ("Bill Gates dies and sees St. Peter....") There are also riffs on popular culture ("What if Star Trek computers ran on Windows 95?"), spoofs of Microsoft press releases, a clever parody of Microsoft's marketing program written in the C programming language, and the story of Genesis told as if God were running creation on a PC. But Microsoft isn't the only company The Microsloth Joke Book pokes fun at. Intel rouses its share of laughs as well with the company's famous Pentium flaw. The book features a hysterical script based on 2001: A Space Odyssey where HAL runs with a Pentium chip. ("HAL: You must think I'm a fool, Dave. I know that two plus two makes 4.000001. Make that 4.0000001.") Although The Microsloth Joke Book is a slim volume, it's big on laughs.

Customer Review: The second funniest book on Microsoft

This is the second funniest book relating to Microsoft. The funniest being the Microsoft Interface Guidelines.

Customer Review: Very Very funny

This book brings to light some of the funniest microsoft jokes i have ever heard! This book was an instant hit with me and my friends. It just bashes DOS, WIN95/98/NT with a vengance. Great for the computer freak in your life. (or even you!)
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Making Movies With Your PC (Prima Computer Books)

Documentary filmmaker Robert Hone introduces users of QuickTime for Windows and Microsoft Video for Windows to effective video editing and presentation techniques. Hone shows the reader how to use software to edit and produce exciting desktop video movies for both artistic and business uses.
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